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Newsletter May 2020
We are pleased to send you our newsletter of May 2020 with the latest news on Embedded Electronics. In this edition:

> Sensors can be used up to 1 km away from a gateway
> Single board computer with Intel Celeron runs Windows and Linux
> Does your project require high-precision distance measurement?
> New version of the OpenMV camera comes with 5MP image sensor

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Wireless sensors can be used up to 1 km away from a gateway and the battery lasts more than a year
The tabs range of LoRaWAN products include motion, air quality, temperature, humidity and door sensors. With the free services of The Things Network and myDevices Cayenne you can monitor the status of the sensor and send an email or SMS at a status change or if a value becomes higher/lower than a certain level.
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Single board computer with Intel Celeron J4105 runs Windows and Linux
ODYSSEY-X86J4105 SBC is equipped with an Intel Celeron J4105 quad-core Gemini Lake processor to run Windows 10 or Linux distributions, and a Microchip SAMD21 ARM Cortex-M0+ microcontroller. It includes all the powerful features of Mini PC such as 8GB LPDDR4 RAM, 64GB eMMC Storage, onboard Wi-Fi/BLE, Dual Gigabyte Ethernet Ports, Audio Input and Output, USB Ports, HDMI, SATA Connectors and PCIe.
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Does your project require high-precision, cutting-edge distance measurement?
Or maybe speed, motion, or gesture-sensing? We're not talking about simple ultrasonic or even infrared here, but 60GHz radar. The A111 is a single-chip solution for pulsed coherent radar (PCR) and comes complete with an integrated antenna and an SPI interface capable of clock speeds of up to 50MHz. Acconeer has developed a visualization tool written in Python that demonstrates data collection in real time.
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New version of the popular OpenMV machine vision camera now available with 5MP image sensor
The new OpenMV H7 Plus has the STM32H743II ARM Cortex M7 processor running at 480 MHz with 1MB of RAM and 2 MB of flash. It comes with an OV5640 image sensor which is capable of taking 2592x1944 (5MP) images. The OpenMV H7 features removable camera modules which allow you to use the module with Global Shutter and FLIR Lepton sensors for advanced machine vision applications.
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